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  • Dr. Edward Abeyta

    Dr. Edward Abeyta

    Edward Abeyta serves as the Associate Dean for Education and Community Outreach. He specializes in learning across the lifespan and the linkage between education, workforce development, and diverse communities worldwide.

    Serving learners from pre-college to retirement, Edward has dedicated his life to transforming education and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and access, he has made significant contributions to the academic community as an educator, author, public speaker, administrator, and advocate.

    His commitment to empowering others extends beyond the classroom and administrative office. Edward is an education innovator who actively participates in bi-national community initiatives to create opportunities for underserved populations. His dedication to philanthropy has led him to support organizations focused on access, education, mentorship, and economic mobility, further solidifying his role as a catalyst for positive change.

    Ed has been recognized by UC San Diego, the UC Office of the President, and the California Office of the Governor for his involvement in staff diversity and development initiatives and as a leader in donor stewardship. He serves on various community advisory boards and is a founding trustee of Urban Discovery Schools in San Diego, where he currently serves as the president of the UDA Foundation.

    He has a B.A. from the University of New Mexico, an M.A. from the University of San Diego, and a Ph.D. in Post-Secondary Adult Education from Capella University. He served as the Staff Advisor to the University of California Regents from 2008 to 2010.
  • Dr. Morgan Appel

    Dr. Morgan Appel

    Morgan Appel is Assistant Dean for Education and Community Outreach (ECO) at UC San Diego Extension, overseeing a diverse array of programming for PK-post retirement, including opportunities for students, practitioners, administrators, parents, and community stakeholders. He previously served as Director of Education Programs at UC Irvine’s Division of Continuing Education (DCE) following a research appointment at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine. With expertise in education transformation and policy, Appel has worked with a number of school districts, universities, and research institutes to explore the impacts of legislated and organically-generated change agentry across segments of education. Professional specialties include gifted and talented education; the neuroscience of teaching and learning; arts integration; and organizational behavior in educational institutions. Beyond his current administrative appointment, Appel teaches a variety of courses at both UC San Diego and UC Irvine.

  •  Maysoon Lehmeidi

    Maysoon Lehmeidi

    Maysoon Lehmeidi is an Associate Director for the Education and Community Outreach Department at UC San Diego Extension. She has worked for UC San Diego in a variety of different capacities for over 10 years. Prior to working with UC San Diego Extension, she was the Assistant Director of the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) program at the Jacobs School of Engineering. She also worked in the Division of Biological Sciences as a Program Coordinator, developing and maintaining continuing education programs for professionals in the field of biotechnology. Maysoon received her B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from UC San Diego and received her M.S. in Economics from Boston University.
  • Amie Becker

    Amie Becker

    Amie Becker is an Associate Director for the Education and Community Outreach Department at UC San Diego Extension. Prior to working with ECO,  she ran Extension's flagship Post-Baccalaureate Premedical program in partnership with UCSD School of Medicine, assisting individuals who seek admission to medical school. Amie received her B.A. in Psychology from New York University. 
  • Dr. Nara Muniz I. Franca

    Dr. Nara Muniz I. Franca

    Nara is an Associate Director for the Education and Community Outreach Department at UC San Diego Extension. She has 30 years of experience in Education, as a tutor, teacher, and coordinator. Her training consists of a diploma in education, a bachelor's degree in history, and a master's and doctorate in African studies. It is a joy for her to support the development of the My University program, which focuses on non-traditional, student-centered teaching methods. Nara believes that through high-level education it is possible to promote equality and combat social injustices.  


  • Brittany Tran

    Brittany Tran

    Brittany Tran is a UC San Diego graduate and Osher Life Long Learning program manager. She brings extensive industry experience to her role. She explains, "company culture is the foundation for which a team collaborates, motivates, capitalizes on each other’s strengths, and coaches each other’s weaknesses. It is an integral part of a company’s success because people who love their work, love their team, and love their company produce great results. Creating this positive and nurturing company culture has been my primary objective while managing my teams and is what I credit all my success to."